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How to find driving test cancellations?

Are you prepared to take your driving theory or practical test but can’t find one for weeks or months? Ready to book your driving test? Maybe you’d like to change your theory test so that you may take it as soon as possible but haven’t had time to search for cancelled test dates on your own. We can assist. 

You can find a theory test cancellations with our test cancellation checker. The quickest and simplest way to change your test date is to use our service.

Why is our driving booking service so good?

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Unlimited free retests

You heard us right. If you're unfortunate to not pass your driving test we will cover the cost of your next attempt. We are here to support you!

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Personal guidance and support

Dedicated customer support team to help you find a test as soon as possible.
Our team are here to support you Monday to Friday and answer any questions you may have!

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Save time

We understand you want to get on the road as soon as possible.
Our advanced system will search for new cancelled tests every 2 minutes! (P.s.. That's the fastest system)

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Save money

We are the cheapest driving test booking service and the best provider in the UK.
On average we are 50% cheaper compared to Cancellations 4 all.

Driving Test cancellations - future drivers

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Roshni B

Future driver

“Helped me get a cancellation 2 months early! Now ready for my practical test. THANK YOU”

Benjamin s

“It’s almost impossible to find a test right now but this service helped me get a booking! The future is exciting.”

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Kirsten B

Future driver

“The cheapest service I found and the best service. Amy from the support team called me about a cancellation one week later.”

Radika K

SMS feature was really helpful! The staff are really helpful with answering all my questions

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Frequently asked questions about Test Cancellations

Pricing and what's included with driving test Finder

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Service cost £12.99

Cheapest service in the UK! We only charge the cost to run our servers

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Choose up to 2 test centres, anywhere in the UK

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Tell us when you want to take your next test

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We search Driving test centres every few minutes

We don't stop until we find you a driving test.

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An earlier driving test or your money back

We guarantee we will find you an early driving test date I will refund you.

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Notifications by text and email

When you sign up you will receive a text message from Test finder explaining the details.

You won’t have to download any programs. Simply register online and we’ll get started looking for you right away.
We send notifications of suitable theory test dates to you by text message.
Because we search your selected test centers every 5 minutes for cancellations, you have a good chance of finding an earlier theory test with our service. If we don’t discover a suitable test for you, you can request a refund.
We search for test centres every 5 minutes to discover suitable theory test appointments that match your test centre and availability choices. We contact you by text message, email. If you’re interested in taking the test, simply respond to us within ten minutes and we’ll reschedule your appointment.

You heard us right. If you’re unfortunate to not pass your driving test we will cover the cost of your next attempt. We are here to support you!

Find Driving Test Cancellations for Free

Are you looking to get a driving license in the UK? Well, naturally, the first thing you need to do for that to happen is getting an appointment for your driving test. But as soon as you try to book one, you will find the dates are too late for you, especially if you are looking to get a driving license as soon as possible. This is where Driving Test Finder comes in handy. We not only find cancelled driving test slots, but we also book driving cancellation test. Yes, you read that right; you can find driving test cancellations without any hassle with Driving Test Finder. Not only are our driving test cancellation checker free to use, but we also allow one free and unlimited driving & theory retests.

Practical Driving Test Cancellation Checker in UK

Our driving test cancellation checker has a theory test cancellation checker and practical driving test cancellation checker features, allowing one to find cancelled driving test slots and also book driving test cancellation checker, and that too free of cost.

Our driving cancellation checker is completely free of cost, with instant SMS notifications for our users.

So, what are you waiting for? Please use our free cancellation driving tool and get your driving license test done as soon as possible. All test centres are available with Driving Test Finder. With a 100 per cent satisfactory guarantee, you could not find a better companion for your driving test cancellations checker needs.