Can you get driving theory test cancellations?

Can you get driving theory test cancellations?

Yes, you can cancel your theory test or reschedule it online at the DVSA site. Finding theory test cancellations yourself may take a long time, though. Our theory test cancellation checker saves you time and money while also being simple to use. 

COVID-19 has created a huge demand for driving theory tests and there is a current large backlog of students waiting. The only way most students are finding driving test cancellations is through services like ourselves. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable solution for future drivers. 

How to find driving theory cancellations for free?

If you’d rather manually look through the driving test portal, we recommend going around noon since that’s when a lot of tests are released after people cancel. According to our study, there are 60% more cancellations available three days before the tests. 


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