Frequently asked questions about Theory Test Cancellations

You won’t have to download any programs. Simply register online and we’ll get started looking for you right away.
We send notifications of suitable theory test dates to you by text message.
Because we search your selected test centers every 5 minutes for cancellations, you have a good chance of finding an earlier theory test with our service. If we don’t discover a suitable test for you, you can request a refund.
We search for test centres every 5 minutes to discover suitable theory test appointments that match your test centre and availability choices. We contact you by text message, email. If you’re interested in taking the test, simply respond to us within ten minutes and we’ll reschedule your appointment.
You can cancel your theory test by going to

You heard us right. If you’re unfortunate to not pass your driving test we will cover the cost of your next attempt. We are here to support you!

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